Healthy Minds Club partners with Kaya Wellbeing Index To offer UK’s 1st Positive Mental Health Gift Card aligned with a scientifically proven way to measure the Wellbeing of employees [London, UK]:

 Healthy Minds Club & Kaya Wellbeing Index today announced a new partnership.This partnership provides a complimentary and proactive wellbeing offering to provides Healthy Minds Club partners & clients with a scientifically proven way of measuring and managing employee wellbeing via the Kaya Wellbeing Index.

KAYA identifies individual employee wellbeing challenges though a short online questionnaire and signposts employees to the Healthy Minds Club gift card to offer proactive interventions and to build a personalised resilience toolkit.

Dr Ram Raghavan PhD, Founder of Kaya Wellbeing Index says “Our understanding of wellbeing originates from academic research, insights and neurology and has been validated by 1.5 million participants worldwide. We know that what gets measured gets done, but we are unique in that the key drivers impacting wellbeing can be further improved by signposting to the best wellbeing interventions. Our partnership with Healthy Minds Club covers a wide range of interventions necessary for improving employee wellbeing. We are excited to leverage this partnership to add real value to our customers” Kathy Heath, CEO and Co-Founder of Healthy Minds Club says “We are delighted to be working in partnership with Kaya Wellbeing Index to be able to build personalised resilience toolkits for employees and to tackle potential and existing issues that the wellbeing index highlights. Together we can make a significant impact to employers by driving and demonstrating real improvements to the wellbeing of our customer’s workforces and to link it to improved business performance and a true return on investment.”

About Healthy Minds Club: Healthy Minds Club is the UK’s first positive mental health gift card. We support corporates to prevent mental health issues by empowering positive mental health. We connect our gift card holders with highly certified & qualified experts who will enable them to build a personalised resilience toolkit. This drives optimum performance at work, exceptional business performance through engaged, happy and thriving employees.

About Kaya Wellbeing Index: KAYA Wellbeing Index was devised by Dr Ram Raghavan’s PhD, as part of his academic research at Manchester Business School into how people value each other at a conscious and subconscious level. The index was further developed following extensive research with business leaders, consultant neurologists and psychologists. The framework and methodology you see today link wellbeing to performance in an organisational context. KAYA was a result of work carried out with various companies from 2006 to date. It was at this point that, out of Ram’s research and with the help of early adopters like Hilton Hotels, the KAYA wellbeing Index as we know it today was born. Now with over 1.5 million contributors to the data set, we measure and index wellbeing of individuals in 55 countries, across 4 continents – and in 33 different languages. With teams in Berkshire in the UK, Sri Lanka and in India, along with a global partner network, we can provide global wellbeing insight solutions. Kaya’s purpose is to help employees become the best version of themselves by helping them manage their wellbeing effectively. Our mission is to become a global leader in measuring wellbeing!