Fuelling a global appetite for customer centric gift card packaging design;Burgopak packaging designers launch Burgopak Takeout, to inspire creativity in the Restaurant and Fast-food Industry.

By Alethea Price, Marketing & PR Manager 

Published on August 25 th 2022

LONDON, United Kingdom – Today marks not just the celebration of National Burger Day, but the exciting launch of the Burgopak Takeout – a playful and inspiring concept packaging range for restaurants and fast-food chains. A fitting contribution to the festivities, theTakeout Menu is here to not only feed your Burger loving needs, but to fire the imagination of gift card managers and merchandisers in restaurants and fast-food chains across the nation.

The inspirational range from Burgopak presents a collection of creative gift card packaging solutions, playing on the most popular food items on the menu. Offering a fresh outlook oncustomer experience, the range is set to inspire restaurants to think beyond the perfunctorypurpose of a gift card to the experience behind the exchange.

An immensely powerful asset, gift cards present an opportunity to connect with loyal andnew customers beyond the bricks and mortar. What does your gift card say about your brand? Are you fun and engaging, or do you offer a fine dining experience? Most importantly, do your gift cards represent a last-minute birthday gift, or do they offer heightened value – a gift that tells a story and invites the recipient in?

Within the Burgopak Takeout Menu are nine inspirational pieces to get those creative juices flowing, on how you can build anticipation and appetite for your menu. With a selection of playful visuals from Burgers and Pizzas, through to Sushi, sweet treats and more, each giftcard packaging design further extends the value of the gift through unique and mesmerising opening mechanisms. Designed to build surprise and intrigue, each pack houses a gift card unboxing, perfect for social sharing.

Burgopak have already seen great success on social media with their viral opening innovations. As experts in card packaging design, working with restaurants including Nandos, Greggs and Gourmet Society, they have also worked with 100s of successful Banks, Fintech and Payment providers across the globe. You can find their packaging solutions easily with a quick search of any of the top names in the industry including Curve, Lunar, Revolut and Knab showing the power of the unboxing for viral sharing and market reach.

Gift cards with creative flare are an opportunity to entice new customers in and present arare at-home brand touchpoint. Chances are your purchasers, are not going to be therecipient of your gift card, so how are you going to encourage redemption, and convert thegift card receiver into an excited and curious new advocate for your branch or chain?

Order samples from the Burgopak Takeout Menu today to find out and learn more about Burgopak packaging designs by visiting the website.


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